Raised on Rocket Science

The path to superior performance is paved with curiosity. In 1976, Trek was founded on a question: Why are no high-performance bikes made in the United States? Today, Trek gives the brightest and most passionate cycling designers and researchers the resources to question everything. Because innovation happens only when you have the courage to ask the hard questions and go where no one has gone before. To lead, you must invent.

trek-oclv-carbon alpha-aluminum-welding

OCLV Carbon

In 1992, Trek introduced an entirely new revolution to the world of cycling. There are many carbon bikes but only one OCLV.

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Alpha Aluminum

More than three decades have passed since our first aluminum bike rolled off the line. Since then, we’ve completely redefined the idea of aluminum bikes.

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Active Braking Pivot

Before Trek’s patented ABP, active rear suspension while braking was thought to be a myth. After ABP, greater control and a better world for mountain bikes.


Born from the world of automotive racing, RE:aktiv is a totally new way to think about rear suspension. In the end it means better flow and a better ride.


trek-full-floater trek-isostrut
Full Floater

A shock that floats is one that can be dialed to meet any rider’s needs. A suspension for every trail? Brilliant!


IsoStrut is a frame-integrated shock that provides 60mm of damped, tunable rear travel for XC racers. Supercaliber’s unique design relies on minimalism.

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Trek IsoSpeed

Forgiving Ride, Relentless Performance

Since the invention of the traditional diamond-shaped bicycle frame over 100 years ago, a single fundamental challenge has remained: how to make a bicycle frame stiff enough to be efficient and handle predictably, yet compliant enough to reduce the jarring and fatiguing effects of a rough road.

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When the margin of victory is measured in thousands of a second, every inch, every gram, every angle matters. In the effort to move an object through air in the most efficient manner possible, Trek engineers dream, draw, build, test, and repeat. The countless hours of development and work are paid in the raised arms of thousands of athletes the world over grateful to have met their challenge. Whether its ever spoken, every age group triathlon, every World Tour Time Trial, every coffee ride sprint finish, the work of Trek’s Analysis Team plays a role.

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