Memories are made on two wheels. Bikes give kids the chance to get outside, have fun, and find freedom. Precaliber introduces them to the joys of riding and makes it easier for them to learn and grow their skills, whether they’re just starting out on training wheels or ready to learn how to shift.

For neighborhood cruises and sidewalk races

Precaliber is perfect for practicing turns in the driveway, racing down the sidewalk, and taking a family spin around the neighborhood. Wide, stable tires and a light, easy-to-handle frame give kids the confidence to pedal across the yard and down the occasional gravel path.


Designed with kid-friendly features

Each of our Precalibers and all of their parts are designed specifically for kids, by people who know bikes. They’re lightweight, built to hold up to rough and tumble play, and have size-appropriate grips, levers, pedals, and saddles. We put a lot of thought into getting the details right, because we know positive and fun experiences with biking at an early age can encourage a lifelong hobby.

Easy to hop on and off

Precaliber’s frame is lower than most kid’s bikes, which provides more confidence when mounting and dismounting.


Handle or light – you choose

The kid-sized saddles have an integrated handle for easy lifting and guiding while they ride. It can also be swapped out for a tail light to boost visibility.


Wide tires, more traction

Wider tires are more stable and offer better grip. It makes kids even more confident and comfortable while riding.